Let us unwind :)

Hey awesome ladies out there… Welcome on board 🙂

About the Blog:

They say ‘women’ are the most beautiful creation of God. We agree 😉 😉 .But in today’s busy world while taking care of our family, supporting our spouse, chasing our career, shaping our kid’s future, we forget about ourselves. We compromise on our comfort in order to bring comfort to our dear ones. We forget to have that ‘me’ time, the ‘us’ time with our girl friends.


So, this blog is just a platform to bring together all awesome Indian ladies out there and have that ‘us’ time together. Here we can discuss anything starting from Manabasa Gurubara (A festival in Odisha state to worship Goddess Lakshmi) to the technology that we are working upon… from recipes that we relish to the favorite shopping destination (As they say, we women don’t need any topic to start a gossip thread 😀 ).


Write to letusunwind[at]gmail[dot]com in order to post your queries, feedback, review, recipe, suggestion or anything that you may wish to share. The same shall be published in the blog after moderation.

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