MTR Oats Idli Mix

Gosh!!! Finally I got some time to write for my blog. Last few months have been so hectic.

Anyway, I am back with a review this time. I am going to review Oats Idli mix from MTR. I always keep some ready to eat mixes in my pantry for emergency needs 🙂 .Read on to know how I like this oats idli mix from MTR.

Details on the Cover:

  • Pack Content – 500 grams (As per writing on the cover, makes about 25-30 idlis and serves 12-15)
  • Price – Rs. 115.00
  • Ingredients – please see the image below to check the ingredients list. Also directions for preparing oats idli using MTR mix has been written on the cover.

Pros and Cons:

  1. The mix has all the seasoning in it. One just need to add sour curd and little water if required till right consistency and steam it for around seven minutes after giving it a standing time of five minutes.
  2. Prepared idlis were fluffy and proper in texture.
  3. I found the taste to be fairly good.
  4. However one may find the dominant grainy taste of oats not so appealing. But it can be ignored when eating along with samber or chutney.

Rating: 4/5

Will I Buy it Again:

Definitely Yes. When I do not have time for manually preparing idli batter but want to have hot and sumptuous idli meal, then definitely I will go for Oats Idli mix from MTR.



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